Most of the visible signs of aging are from exposure to environmental factors such as sun, diet, pollution, chemicals in products, all add years to your skin. See our Antioxidant treatments can help you to prevent from those factors

Oxygen Recovery Treatment

Tissue respiratory proteins are the key ingredients in this oxygenating process. Oxygen generates the necessary energy to effectively pump out destructive cellular waste created by the cell's waste disposal system.

Treatment includes: a Quick Peel and Enzymes.

Free Radical Repair Treatment

A dual removing firming action to intercept the ageing effects from pollution, irritation and other external and internal stresses. Active Enzymes and proteins removing dead build up cell material hydrolyzing deep into tissue layers boosting cell function, biologically help strengthen and refirming skin's appearance while visibly smoothing the appearance of fine lines.

Treatment includes: a Chemical Peel and Enzymes.

Vitamin C Direct Delivery System Treatment

A unique blend of Vitamin C is used to stimulate collagen synthesis. THis treatment rejuvenates and strengthens tissue for firmer, healthier and younger looking skin.

Treatment includes a Skin Peel according to skin type. Peel and Ultra sound.

Deep Pore Treatment

Deep pore cleansing effectively eliminates impacted dead cells, hardened sebum plugs from pores, micro follicular cleansing, leaving skin refined and refreshed.

Treatment includes: Detox galvanic Disincrustation, Special Masque.

1.Ultra sound deep cleansing
2.Detox galvanic disincrustation
3.Special Mask

Bio Stimulating Skin Tightening Treatment

Using specific Enzymes containing Proteins, with the penetrating ability to tighten the skin and the underlying fragile muscle structure. Recommended for sagging, ageing, sun damaged and skin in need of deep bio stimulating action to increase cell function.

Treatment includes: Lymphatic drainage and a layering system of Enzyme masques No. 1,2 and 3

Facial Muscle Treatment

An exclusive technique that lifts and tightens tired, sagging muscles by penetrating deeply into underlying support foundation muscles for the face, neck, mouth and eye area. Facial muscles are passively constricted and contracted to increase the natural flow of Lactic acid to strengthen muscle tissue progressively with each treatment.

Treatment includes: Enzymes No.1,2 and 3

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

For Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spotted skin. This treatment is effective on most types of pigmentation problems including chloasma raised dark spots on ageing or sun damaged skin. Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation from laser resurfacing or chemical peels.

Skin Consultation is Essential prior to treatment

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