We are specialising for the full body treatments including Waxing Tinting and Hair Removal

Full body treatments

Skin Revision Body Treatments are designed to correct dermatological skin conditions of varied skin types.

Our body exfoliation treatment are specifically formulated with a blend of NATURAL and ACTIVE ingredients which are used to reverse skin condition to remove rebuilt protect and maintain healthy, younger looking skin.

Body Treatments

  • Back Decongesting
  • Exfoliation

Body Massage

  • Full Body Massage
  • Back Massage (includes Shoulders Neck & Scalp)

Body Sculpture

  • Legs
  • Legs & Abdomen- Stomach & Arms
  • Bust Lifting & Toning


  • Eye Lash Tint
  • Eye Brow Tint


Hygienic Effective Hair removal of even the shortest re-growth with high quality grade of Natural wax, Hot or strip wax. Difficult hair is pre-treated with "Tend Skin" solution to soften the hair follicle. Post care to prevent in grown hair and hair retention "TEND SKIN" is recommended to be used daily.


  • Bikini Line
  • Top 1/2 Leg
  • 3/4 Leg

Waxing- Lower Part

  • Lower 1/2 Leg
  • Back of Thighs
  • Bikini Line
  • Demarcation Line
  • Stomach
  • Under Arm
  • Full Arm
  • 1/2 Arm
  • 3/4 Arm

Waxing- Body

  • Back wax
  • Chest wax
  • Upper chest
  • Top Shoulders
  • Patches

Waxing- Facial

  • Lip
  • Lip & Chin
  • Chin
  • Sides
  • Full Face (not inc. Eyebrows)
  • Eye Brows
  • 3/4 Lower Face

Skin Consultation is Essential prior to treatment

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