Are you tired of putting on makeup?
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Cosmetic Tattooing will benefit in:
  • Enhancement of eyeliner, eyebrow, eyebrow hair simulation, lash enhancement, lip liner, full lip shading, corrective pigment camouflage.
  • Permanent cosmetic make-up gives you 24 hour confidence that you look good no matter where you are and what you are doing.
  • Disposables are used all under sterile conditions.
What are permanent cosmetics?

Also known as micro pigmentation or semi-permanent make-up. It is a process where art and science are brought together by a delicately sophisticated technique of expertly placing non-allergenic colours in a shallow way within the dermis or second layer of the skin. This process is used for cosmetic and corrective purposes and creates a lasting effect to accentuate and improve the definition of eyes, eyebrows and lips.

Who may benefit from permanent cosmetics?
  • The person who wants distinctive facial features, everyday, year after year
  • People with poor eyesight, contact lenses.
  • Professional women, sports people
  • Limited dexterity, allergies or hair loss

This is service has a place in your life. Permanent makeup saves time and gives nonstop confidence. In addition, after plastic surgery permanent cosmetics restores a more youthful appearance to the skin. A final touch or derma pigmentation will discreetly and naturally restore the youthful colour of facial features.

How long will it last?

As a general rule, the lighter the colour, the less time it will last. Some darker colours are still visible then years later. Depending on the colour implanted, sun exposure, metabolism and natural skin exfoliation, it will fade somewhat after 3-5 years and can be refreshed with a touch up. The process of fading varies from individual to individual, according to their skin type and lifestyle.

How long does the procedure take and what is recovery time?

An initial consultation is arranged and the shape, size and colour are determined. You will fill out a medical history form and a patch test maybe required as precaution before proceeding. The actual procedure takes 1-3 hours, depending on the areas receiving the pigment.

An anaesthetic cream is used prior to the treatment and then an anaesthetic gel is used for a more comfortable treatment after the skin is broken. For lip blending and full lip colour a dental block is given by a local dentist, at client's cost. A slight redness and or swelling may occur. Some harmless bruising on the eyelids can happen. It will all disappear within couple of days.

The intensity of the permanent makeup for the first 5-10 days will be stronger than the final colour, 40-50% will exfoliate off. You will be given an instruction sheet on how to care for your procedure; However, a normal routine may be resumed immediately. After 4 to 8 weeks and procedure has healed completely, adjustments may be needed to finish the procedure with perfection. For more colour for full lip, a second treatment is needed at client's cost.

Do I have the choice of colours?

Definitely! I have a large choice of colours to choose from and they can be mixed, darkened or lightened, making the choice endless. The look you are after could be soft and natural or more made-up look.

Full lip colour, line lip or lip blending

Full Lip Colour, Line Lip or Lip Belending

Lip colour is great for perfecting the shape, correcting uneven lip contours, making lips appear fuller and restoring a more youthful curve when age decreases vermillion edge.
Lip blending a more natural look, softer instead of lip line. You can still correct the shape of your lips; make them prettier or fuller if you don’t want a lipstick look. Blending gives an amazing soft result.

Full lip colour

Full lip colour

Full lip colour is a very popular tattooing lip option. With the new 3D way of re colouring, you can have that sexy pouty mouth you always wanted. Regain your youthful shape, stop your lipstick bleeding, say goodbye to your disappearing lip line due to the ageing process or simply give your lips more colour and definition. The perfect complement or alternative to collagen, restylane or other lip fillers. Other procedures like beauty spots and cheek blush are also available.



Applied to the lash line to add natural definition and radiance, giving sparse lashes a fuller, darker appearance. Perfect eyeliner-top, bottom or both- can be applied very natural, sophisticated or dramatic in appearance. Lash enhancement is very popular with men too, the choice is yours. A special “Designer Liner” smudged look with the top edge of the liner is soft, not harsh. The choice is yours.

Eyebrows, eyeliner & full lip


Respecting the client’s face shape & hair colour eyebrows can be subtly pigmented to correct unevenness, softly arched to give a life. You can follow your existing brows or improve the shape, or where there is no hair, hair strokes can create a realistic, dimensional effect, or maybe give yourself an instant facelift by lifting your brows. The possibilities are endless blond, light brown, medium or dark brown taupe or redhead; your eyebrows will complement your hair colour.

Hair strokes

Hair strokes

Let us advise you on the best method for you; the full fill-in brow, or hair strokes. This is the method used to camouflage a scar in your brows or bald spot for men or women.

Full face

Full face

The colours are manufactured specifically for use on the face and to match skin colours. Following consultation and analysis, skin colours are formulated for each individual. The client may choose a nature, "you-only better" look for a more dramatic effect.

Medical Tattooing

Corrective Pigment Camouflage

Areola reconstruction

Scar Camouflage

Scar Reduction

Skin Consultation is Essential prior to treatment

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