These unique treatments are very specialised and cover the full spectrum of advanced Skin Rejuvenation and Corrective Treatments for Ultra Sensitive to Normal, Combination and Problematic Acne conditions.

All Rhonda Allison Signature Treatments are of Anti-aging formula to improve and prevent visible signs of skin aging to support skin's natural repair system that will result in visible change of : firming, smoothing, decrease of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin discolouration, refine texture, activate the healing of acne skin, impure and toxic acne skin without the use of invasive chemical peels or other medical procedures that may risk depression and trauma. Progressive treatments are effective, less expensive and do not demand long periods of down time.

Skin rejuvenation for all skin types is possible by using safe Acids, Enzymes, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen, VPL Light therapy, Ultra sounds, Lymphatic drainage and other professional equipment and products of the highest standards.

Cosmetical Skin Care

Nutrition from within will encourage healthy cells but will not protect the skin from outside damage.That is why skin must have the correct topical skin nutrition, UV protection and free radical protection.

Pure Blend Systems

At Skin Revision with the right use of skin nutrition. We are able to customize the perfect daily home care regimen tailored according to your skin type and synchronise with your professional clinic treatments.

We offer programs in
  • Anti aging system
  • Skin brightening system
  • Acne skin system
  • Eye care system
  • Body care system

Treatments are for men and women of all ages and skin of colour

Full range of Facial Treatments for different skin type

Skin Consultation is Essential prior to treatment

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