"PEPITA" Controlled Micro Dermabrasion

A New Science In Skin Care
Safe and precise micro peeling

"PEPITA" is one of our Advanced tissue repair technology treatments. Promoting enhance healing and Minimise discomfort.

Technologically advanced machine treatment combines with Biological Natural products to effectively reinforce skin's essential tissue repair functions hydration nutrition, oxygenation and protection.

PEPITA therapy is not painful and does not require pre-treatment or topical anaesthesia.

The real benefit is that after treatment, you are able to leave the treatment room with a clean and fresh sparkling tone due to regeneration of the epidermal cell structure.

Of course your safety is paramount, therefore, all parts which come into contact with skin during therapy are either disposable or sterilisable.

About the treatment

PEPITA microdermabrasion can be used to treat the following:

  • Dull skins-Congested skins
  • Thickened Skins- Blemished Skin
  • Aging Skin-Acne Scarring
  • Plus: Scar Tissue Improvement
  • Stretch Marks- Removal & Reduction

How does it works

By a jet of fine crystals, which are vacuumed across the skin removing the dead and damaged skin cells. Leaving you with blemish free, soft smooth, younger and brighter skin.

What you expect after treatment

  • Level1 Beauty Flash
    The skin may feel tight as if exposed to the sun or wind for a while after treatment. Keep the skin well moisturised as possible
  • Level2 Deeper treatment for more blemished or thicker skins
    The skin will look red and slightly swollen, ranging from a few hours to few days for more sensitive skins
  • Level3 Deep treatment scar tissue and stretch marks
    The skin will look red and swollen as in Level2 slight blood spotting may occur immediately after treatment and the healing process will commence. Healing time is longer then Level 2 but the results are worth waiting for.

Medically proven, controlled micro-dermabrasion for simple and painless therapy.

Before After

Before After

Before After

Skin Consultation is Essential prior to treatment

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Other Advanced treatments which you might want to find out more:
  • Lymphatic Drainage
    Promotes cellular function, corrects Post surgical Bruising and Swelling
  • Ultra Sound " CELLU WAVE"
    effectively used for treating fibrous processes- resistant cellulite- scar tissue- painful muscle
  • Micro Dermabrasion " PEPITA"
    Safe and precise micro peeling for SkinRevision- Atrophic skin-Sun damaged skin-Lines and wrinkles-Acne impurities-Refining of skin texture-Scar tissue-Post acne-Keloids-Stretch marks-Rough skin-Hyperpigmentation-Couperose and Tattoo removal
  • Dermafield
    Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy. Energy balancing of traumatised cell. It improves circulation, accelerates tissue regeneration, increased oxygen in the cells, increased cell metabolism.

Did you know...

Our clinic offer Skin Rejuvenation for all skin types, Ethnicity and Gender.
Safe progressive procedures that will transform the condition of your skin bringing it to its optimum potential for health and beauty without the use of invasive chemical peels or other medical procedures that may cause risk, depression and trauma.

At Skin Revision, Skin rejuvenation for all skin types is possible by using safe acids, enzymes, micro dermabrasion, Oxygen, VPL Light therapy, Ultra sound, Lymphatic drainage and other professional equipment and products of the highest standards.