A mid-depth skin peel targets the intra-epidermal layer, skin exfoliation occurs within two to three days of treatment. Light flaking may occur, similar to a sunburn peel. May be administered every four to six weeks as needed. A mid-depth peel can offer rejuvenative effects with minimal to no down time.

Quick Fix

Suitable type:Aging Skin
  • Refine and improve skin tone
  • Improve hydration

A Baby Boomer Peel

Suitable type:Aging Skin
  • Create a light, superficial exfoliation and stimulation of the skin so as to:
  • Improve skin tone
  • Minimise fine lines
  • Encourage cellular activity

Beta Complexion Peel

Suitable type: Sensitive Skin
  • Brighten and lighten the skin
  • Soften and minimise lines
  • Increase cellular production
  • Support the strengthening and integrity of the skin by increasing collage and elastin

The Melanin Lift

Suitable type: Hyper pigmentation skin
  • Lighten discoloration, making skin tone more even

A Peroxide Peel

Suitable type:Oily Skin
  • Reduce sebaceous activity and lift impurities
  • Create a mild exfoliation for a smoother healthier skin

The Purple Peel

Suitable type: Oily acne skin
  • Control Sebaceous activity
  • Remove blockages with a brisk exfoliation
  • Encourage healing of Lesions

Firming & Toning Peel

Suitable type: Oily skin
  • Minimise fine lines Refine skin tone
  • Stimulate cellular rejuvenation

Beta A Peel

Suitable type: Oil Skin
  • Reduce bacteria and heal acne lesions
  • Create mild exfoliation removing blockage
  • Balance oil secretion
  • Soften fine lines and improve skin texture

Skin Awakening Peel

Suitable type: Aging skin
  • Gradually take the skin to a more optimal state of health and improved appearance
  • This treatment maybe done monthly for continued rejuvenation

The Detox Peel

Suitable type: All Skin
  • Control acne
  • Balances sebaceous activity
  • Loosen skin impurities for extraction and to heal lesions

Skin Consultation is Essential prior to treatment

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