Skin Needling- Scar Relaxation
Restoration of Melanocytes

Skin Needling treats light scarring, fine to deep wrinkles.Skin Needling can accomplish different effects.

  • Plumping up of facial and body wrinkles, acne scarring, and skin depression.
  • Melanocytes(Pigment cells) may be brought back to life in scar tissue or Vitilago, repigmentating hypo-pigmented areas.
Scar relaxation can accomplish:
  • Reduced or camouflaged appearance of Scar Tissue
  • Manoeuvrability of the contractor tissue
  • Softening of the contractor scar tissue

Scar Relaxation is used primarily to soften the fibrous bands of collagen to give the patient more flexibility in their movements. This procedure works well on all contracted tissue with exceptional results on hands.

Skin Needling promotes the natural reproduction of collagen and elating, making the skin feel smoother and tighter. We treat only the area that needs attention. We do not work on any tissue outside the boundaries of the wrinkle and scar tissue.

Anaesthesia is generally not needed for skin needling as it is not so invasive as to cause pain.

Skin needling procedures have minimal 'downtime' and swelling.

Who will benefit from skin needling?
  • Anyone with fine, medium or heavy wrinkling
  • People with acne scars, chickenpox scars and scars from surgery
  • People who have picked pimples and scabs creating scars/pits
  • People with naso-labial wrinkles as well as smokers and laugh lines
  • People with chest, neck, arm and hand wrinkles
  • Collagen lip enhancement to improve lip volume
Contra-indications for skin needling
  • Anyone who is darker skinned and hyper pigmented will need to use a lightening skin treatment for 2 weeks prior to their treatment appointment.
  • If you have a propensity to keloid you would not be a candidate for skin needling.
  • We never work on raised moles, warts or any raised lesions.

Scar relaxation as well as skin needling appointments are usually scheduled at 4 week intervals. Dramatic results can be seen and felt after the first treatment.

Skin Consultation is Essential prior to treatment

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